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January 2015
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Tim is a white collar criminal defense attorney in New Jersey. He is the guy you call when the IRS or FBI comes knocking on your door at 6 in the morning, because he can make them go away…

After moving from Minnesota to New Jersey about 5 years ago, Tim practically rebuilt his business from the ground up. In this interview he shares the story of transforming his law practice into a law business.

When it comes to choosing clients, Tim is an advocate of a focused niche. Even though many small and solo practitioners are afraid to choose a focused target market, Tim argues that doing so will pay off in dividends in the long run. A niche is not only a marketing technique, but also helps to build efficiency in the business and converts otherwise competing lawyers into referral partners.

Building a business can hardly be done in a vacuum, this is why Tim has reached out to law business coaches and joined networking groups of likeminded solo law business owners. In this interview he talks about the benefits he received from being in such networking groups.

Getting clarity about financial management has also played a big role in building his business. Creating a budget and tracking financial metrics helped Tim shift his focus from the day-to-day tasks towards longer term goals.

Having an active lifestyle and family time are also important to Tim. He does not claim to have “the secret” to work-life balance, but he certainly puts life ahead of work. He believes it is not only good health wise, but mentally as well.

Business tip: Do not be afraid to narrow your niche, in the long run it will pay off in dividends. Any given area of legal practice is right for finding some kind of niche.

Recommended tools: Clio and QuickBooks Online.

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In the previous episode of the Law Business Podcast, Abid shard with us why he decided to leave his marketing and web development positions at technology companies, and start his own law business.
In this episode, we continue to talk about managing many aspects of running a law business, including leveraging technology to keep overhead low, finances and budgeting.
Abid is very intentional about creating value. Everything he does and spends money on has to add value to his clients. By focusing on client satisfaction and implementing a real time billing system, he is able to collect close to 100% of his bills.
During the conversation we found out that Abid is also a music producer. Towards the end of the episode you can listen to one of his tunes. You can find his music on
Abid is a frequent speaker, including continuing legal education (CLE) for bar associations and a guest lecturer for classes. If you want to contact him about technology consulting for your law firm, please contact him thorough his website

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Before practicing as an attorney, Abid held marketing and web development positions at technology and software companies, including small startups and giants such as Texas Instruments.
Even though the culture in high-tech companies is motivating and energizing, the big corporate structure also comes with many dysfunctions. Abid didn’t want to be so far removed from his customers, so he made the decision to start his own business and be in direct contact with clients.
He decided to go solo about four years ago with the intention of building a business. Leveraging the latest technology tools he was able to be cash flow positive in the very first month of starting the business.
Having a high-tech and marketing background, Abid didn’t only build a cloud based practice for himself, but also provides technology consulting to law firms and attorneys. For tech consulting you can contact him through his website:

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